SMS marketing

Marketing a brand, product or service through text messaging on mobile numbers is sms marketing. It is permission-based marketing; therefore the audiences reached have opted to receive your messages. Businesses use sms to send promotional messages, offers, coupons codes, reminders, referrals and any other informative messages to engage with the existing and potential customers.

SMSes are categorized into two under marketing

  1. Promotional sms
  2. Transactional sms

Promotional sms

Sms that is sent for the purpose of promoting product/service/brand is promotional sms. Any offers, coupons sent via sms are also considered promotional. These are essentially sales and marketing messages that can be sent to any phone number that is not registered under do not disturb (DND) service. TRAI allows these messages to be sent between 9.00 am to 9.00 pm.

Benefits of Promotional sms

Transactional sms

A message informing your existing customers regarding their usage of your product or service is a transactional sms.


Company sending sms to their client regarding client's invoice amount.

Bank sending sms to their bank account holder informing of his account balance.

Benefits of transactional sms

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