Application Services

Infopine develops solutions that meet the most challenging IT problems for enterprises of all sizes across different industry verticals. We offer two approaches to development - Custom application development, Joint application development.

Custom/customized application development approach involves understanding customer requirements, laying out development plan, developing the product receiving customer feedback at regular intervals and deploying the product for use and maintenance.

Joint application development (JAD) approach involves Infopine working with your IT professionals to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate systems. JAD works best to deliver a system from the conception stage.

Key advantages of JAD to clients:

Agile and scrum methodologies are implemented. Since agile framework involves development in small chunks and receiving feedback constantly, requirements for successive phrases are worked upon to develop high quality products.

Benefits of agile to clients:

Scrum, one of the methodologies of agile, works well for new product development as well as for complex existing product. It's main focus is to provide new features and corrections frequently, speeds up bug fixing processes.

Benefits of agile SCRUM to clients: