Automation testing

Testing the product for errors using a computer language and automated software is automation testing. This testing is done on projects that are large, don't have frequently changing requirements or have many virtual users.

Automation testing tools:


Selenium is the best in the market to test the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and functionality of a product. It has three test components that records test cases and suites, and, runs test cases on different browsers and systems. The program can be broken down to be regrouped and refactored in any way for testing. This ensures complete testing of the software product being tested.


Ranorex studio is a fully integrated test development environment. It supports testing of different applications – desktop, mobile and web. It covers different operating systems and browser environments. Therefore testing with Ranorex tools ensures the product usability widely. Ranorex has tools like recorder, repository and spy for testing. It validates texts, images and applications.


Testing begins manually and is continued by automation tools. Automation testing is not possible without manual testing. Each sequence is tested in detail manually, post which repetitive functionalities of the application are tested through automation. Both the methods complement each other and are used to verify and validate a product completely.