Medical Billing

Medical billing is the process of recording all the charges incurred for medical treatment in the healthcare facility and receiving payment from the concerned party. Medical treatment expenses are inclusive of any medical goods consumed. Payment is either received from the patient or the insurance company.

Need for medical billing:

Since there is no specific system in place that keeps patient treatment data integrated, doctors, specialists, labs and hospitals end up sending varied bills to the patient for the same episode of care delivered. Patient finds it difficult to understand the medical jargon and to find the amount of money covered under their insurance policy. This delays the payment to the hospitals/health care centers and sometimes no payment made. There are also instances when the patient ends up paying twice for the same treatment due to the bills received from different departments of the hospital. Outsourcing medical billing to professional service providers like Infopine benefits the healthcare center and the patients. Infopine takes care of the entire billing process from documentation to filing claims to receiving payments.

Benefits of outsourcing medical billing process:

How we carry out medical billing at Infopine:


Payment for our services:

You pay only for the patient balance payment and insurance reimbursement.

Why choose Infopine Medical billing solution?

Our medical billing team is trained and experienced to handle the process. In addition,