Medical transcription

What does it mean and what is the purpose?

Voice-recorded reports of healthcare providers and physicians are converted to text format. The necessity of electronic data sprung up after electronic health record (EHR) initiatives. EHR is an official health record for an individual that is shared among multiple facilities and agencies. The purpose is to ease standardization of services and patient care across the medical system. The cost and effort is reduced, it also serves as a decision support systems (DSS) for healthcare professionals.

Benefits of medical transcription to healthcare industry

Benefits to hospitals by outsourcing medical transcription service

What we do?

We work round-the-clock to serve clients on-time with accurate reports.
Guided by Six sigma DMAIC methodology, our overall working is divided into three processes

You pay only for the patient balance payment and insurance reimbursement.

We understand how critical it is to generate quality reports, hence have a 3-tier process for quality check.

1. Editing reports
Two-level processing is carried out for each report wherein a transcriptionist would be typing the report and sending it over to the editor. Editor checks the accuracy.

2. Third level (doubt handlers)
Experienced transcriptionists handle the doubts of the editors. This is done after much research, understanding the report, correlating the information and researching to find new terminologies.

3. Offline audit
This is the final audit done by our team to scan for any miniscule error that might have been skipped by earlier processes. There is also an auditing process/quality check that randomly picks the reports after final audit.

Our medical transcriptionists are regularly trained on


Why choose Infopine for medical transcription?

Medical transcripts are medical records of a person which will be referred life-long. Therefore it is essential for them to be accurate and error-free. We have trained and experienced medical transcriptionists who are well-versed in medical terminologies and procedures. These qualities help them produce accurate and error-free reports. Infopine uses latest transcription technology that offers the most secure modes of file transfer and browser-based transfer of 256 bit AES encryption.