Mobility solutions

With the changing mobile world and improving technologies, enterprises that make themselves available on mobile phones and tablets widen their reach. The more easily you are accessible to your users, the better your marketing efforts pay off and have repeat users. Infopine helps enterprises build applications and websites compatible with mobility devices. We offer end-to-end services for mobile application development across all major platforms.

Why choose Infopine for mobilety solutions ?

Infopine provides cutting-edge technologies and cost-effective mobile solutions on any platform that you want. Our experience in developing applications for Android, iOS and windows phone and using PhoneGap, a latest framework, gives you a unique product just as you want it to be. We can create cross-platform products and port existing products to hybrid applications.

Native app development

Mobile devices thrive on appsphere and our team is proficient in designing and developing apps for customer-specific requirements. Infopine builds native app using iOS SDK, android SDK and Windows SDK.

UI/UX Design services for mobile applications

UI design is the most important part of creating a mobile application as it should be designed to fit the size, sleek and touch sensitive factors. Also, the app has to provide flow, functionality and experience that make the user to use the application repeatedly.

Infopine's UI designers transform the functionalities into a rich user experience. We design gorgeous, intuitive user interfaces — from single-purpose microsites to powerful mobile or desktop class applications. UI design is compatible to suit various device screen size, resolution, Android/iOS updates, that support personalization and gesturization to increase user engagement.

How we work?

  1. Access requirements and provide proof of concept.
  2. Prepare functional design documents.
  3. Prepare high fidelity prototypes to ensure that the business use cases are well-understood.
  4. Development.
  5. Deployment and maintenance.

Mobile app development variants

Android app development
IOS app development
Phone Gap app development
Windows app development

Android app development

Infopine is an Android app development company that has been developing app for Android for businesses across diverse verticals. We use a systematic approach to design your app with complete integration of suitable factors in short span of time.

Advantages of Infopine's Android apps development approach

  • Android web-based application.
  • Closely worked upon requirements produce tailor-made applications.
  • Built third-party library.
  • Secure development area with best infrastructure.

IOS application development

Infopine employs tech-obsessed iPhone developers who have the expertise required in building iOS SDK – interface Builder, OpenGL ES, Open AL, Instruments Testing, Memory Management, Audio Video Foundation Framework, Audio Queue Services Programming, Media Player Framework, Core Animation and Core Graphics among others.

Advantages of Infopine's IOS apps development approach

  • We se state-of-the-art technology for proving customized end-to-end solutions.
  • Well-experienced in diversified type of applications like busenedd, games, entertainment, media streaming.
  • Competitive pricing and expert technical support.

Phone Gap application development

Hybrid or cross-platform mobile application development technology caters to all mobile operating systems. Infopine uses PhoneGap development framework.

Want to know why Infopine uses PhoneGap framework? Check out the benefits:

  • PhoneGap apps support native device specific features.
  • Small development life cycle.
  • Hassle free maintenance.
  • Faster deployment.
  • Rapid testing using PhoneGap build.
  • Boost business ROI.

Windows application development

Infopine's Windows application development is carried out by our experts who develop apps that has a great UI and is user-friendly. Our developers are well versed in .Net Compact Framework, Silverlight Tech, HTML5, Visual Studio J2ME, JAVASCRIPT and other complex languages that help in Windows app development.

Advantages of Infopine's Windows apps development approach

  • We develop easy-to-use windows applications.
  • Efficient debugging and testing services after developing enterprise applications.
  • Seamless data connectivity apps, utility apps and apps with rich API support.