Social media marketing (SMM)

Increasing audience reach and engaging with customers through social media sites is Social media marketing (SMM). Content is crafted to attract attention of readers and encourage them to share it. This is more of building relationships than just driving sales to the business because social media platforms are accessed by many people over the internet. It increases communication, improves customer support, encourages customer reviews which helps in brand building.

Our social media marketing services include


It is a must for every business to be on the largest social network on the internet - Facebook. There are over 1.65 billion monthly active users (MAUs) of Facebook [as per the Facebook statistics of April 27th, 2016].

What we do?

We create a Facebook page for your business or manage existing page. We optimize your page, encourage social sharing and implement the strategies that increase your ROI. When we work on your Facebook page we build your brand, gain customer loyalty, get instant customer feedback and monitor negative comments. For any events conducted by your company, we can create awareness for the same through Facebook event updations on your page. Customizable forms are used to record data, generate leads, invite job applications and conduct surveys.



The most popular micro-blogging site that has drawn more than 300 million monthly active users has been a hit since it's launch. The benefits are numerous. To start with, it builds relationships – the very thing that sustains every business.

Reaches large number of target audience faster

Playing with words creatively to convey all the necessary information is what works in micro-blogging. Twitter currently has a 140 character limit for each tweet. This has worked very well as it saves time of the people, letting them read all the tweets rather than just scrolling through randomly.


Regular tweets on your handle will make your presence felt in the industry, and name recognized. As the number of followers and re-tweets increase, your brand name and company name gain good reputation.

Build relationships

With the staggering number of users already, we know that your customers and potential customers are all out there on Twitter. Being active on this social networking site enables you to build strong relationships with them. Information pertaining to your company and industry, updates, offers and customer support helps build a good rapport with the clients.

Improve rankings

Tweets that contain link to your website/blog help people find you easily, increasing the number of people visiting your website. This in turn ranks your website higher on Google. Yes, it is all interlinked and we use it to the fullest.


A social media platform that connects professionals all over the world has over 400 million monthly average users (Q1 2016). Companies use it to connect to it's audience, share information and hire talent for their companies. We create a page on LinkedIn for your company and actively participate in relevant groups.

Our strategist ensures creating conversations and connecting with the right minds/audience. Team works on posting fresh content, images, videos and also sharing informative content. Content type varies based on the audience and industry. We figure out the perfect blend that works for your company.

Benefits of LinkedIn company page


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet, after Google. People turn to YouTube for tips, reviews, How to and any other information that they require. Undoubtedly businesses are bound to have high ROI as videos surface Google search results even after years of it being posted.

How we use YouTube to maximize ROI

How we use YouTube to maximize ROI

Why should you choose Infopine for Social media marketing?

When you decide to invest in marketing your business through social media channels, you would want it to be done by the best people. Infopine has an experienced team who are experts in their field of internet marketing. When you choose Infopine, our SMM specialists sit with you to understand your business, your goals and everything else that is required to market your business. We strategize on social media and implement to deliver you your money's worth. We are transparent - we share all the work that we do for you, so you can track your campaigns and progress, just as we do.