Software development

Development of software in guided phrases to deliver the end product as per the requirements is software development. Software development refers to the entire process from identifying requirements to delivering final product to maintenance of the final product. Software development life cycle (SDLC) has 6 phrases.

Requirement gathering and analysis

The need for developing software is understood and requirements gathered. They are then analyzed to find the means to develop the product and the possible end product that can be delivered that will best serve the purpose. Once the report of analysis is ready to be worked upon, it moves to the next phrase.


System design is prepared studying the requirement specifications outlined in the results of the analysis. This system design specifies hardware requirements and defines system architecture. Method and strategy of software testing is also determined here.


Development here means coding. The system design documents are divided into units for ease to developers. This is the longest phrase of the cycle.


The developed code is tested using the decided tools against the analyzed requirements. Testing ensures that the product developed solves the problem for which requirements were gathered.

Testing is of two types – functional and non-functional.

Functional tests the quality based on the specifications. Unit test, integration test, system test and acceptance test are techniques of functional testing.

Non-functional testing is to test a software application or system for the way it operates. Techniques used are baseline, compatibility, compliance, load, localization, internalization, performance, etc.


Once the product developed is approved to be used in the testing phrase, it is delivered to the customer. Customer employs beta testing on the product to check if there are any bugs/errors. Bugs, if any, are reported to the development team. Once they are fixed, the product is ready for use.


Any errors, inclusion/exclusion of features or if any other changes need to be made, the development team is contacted. This is an on-going process until the product is used.

Purpose of software development

The purpose is to resolve errors, join dots in any process and introduce automation of tasks by using tools and techniques to develop software that will solve the problem.

Benefits of software development

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